About Us

Infatuated by fashion.

Rather than the soapy opening to every other brand, Vigees Collection (202003177022 /003137010-U) can be summed up by the aforementioned tagline. 

We believe that each and every single lady in existence is beautiful and perfect the way they are. Imperfection is perfection, or so they say, but Vigees strives to go the extra mile to bring that to fruition. 

Who cares about stretch marks, who cares about a little bit of chubbiness in the “wrong” part of the body? We (calling out to all you ladies), were crafted to perfection the very day we descended. Plus, Vigees, unlike any other, caters to people ranging from petite to voluptuous. 

Okay, now, back to the main point, formalities are still formalities. Here comes the cringey introduction *sighs*, here we go again….

Soooooo, Vigees had the mindset of creating a brand where it does not just sell clothing, but rather, an attitude towards fashion. Vigees aims to be the trendsetter with their clothing line, and at the same time, offer an affordable price-point that allows their customers to keep their wallets intact. Our mission, you ask?

 “To make fashion affordable.”

Looking for something to wear to a party? A lunch date? Work? Heck, you name it, WE HAVE IT. Literally.

On the same note, Vigees goes through an arduous process to ensure that the quality of clothing is guaranteed, so as to allow for a better consumer experience. Vigees caters to people of all sizes, focusing on clothes that fit the petite community, to those that belong to the voluptuous community. We strive to be the best at what we do and what we are able to bring to our customers. JOY!